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S. Korean Ship Captain Continues Trend of Abandoning Ship

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Hickey Law Firm

When the Costa Concordia sank in January 2012, it was not long before the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, was being blamed for the disaster. The fact that the ship ventured off course and into dangerous waters, and the fact that the response to the disaster aboard the ship was so slow and confusing, were both placed squarely on his shoulders. But while these allegations could be argued, the allegation that Schettino had abandoned his capsizing ship while passengers were still aboard, passengers who were scrambling to save their lives, was less in doubt. After all, the Italian Coast Guard released a record of a conversation which occurred between one of its officers and Schettino in the immediate moments after disaster. In it, the official can be heard ordering the captain back to the ship, threatening to ruin him if he did not comply. Now another ship captain is being charged…
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Faulty Pool Light Suspected in Child’s Electrocution Death

Posted on April 17, 2014 by Hickey Law Firm

This past weekend a 7 year old child was electrocuted to death in his family’s pool. Investigators suspect that a faulty light socket in the pool may be to blame. But recent reporting by the Miami Herald indicates that recent electrical work may have been improperly performed, potentially leading to the incident. The 7 year old victim was playing with friends in his family’s Keystone Point pool when he was suddenly electrocuted. Apparently the jolt was so severe that it actually threw the boy from the pool. The cause of death was quickly determined to have been electrocution, but police are continuing to investigate exactly what went wrong. According to the boy’s father the family noticed that a light in the pool was not working properly about 9 months ago, and hired a local contractor to fix it. City ordinances require that the work be done under permit, and that it…
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South Korean Ferry Sinks, Hundreds Unaccounted For

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Hickey Law Firm

At least four people have been confirmed dead with 55 injured and another 280 missing after a ferry carrying nearly 500 passengers sank off the coast of southern South Korea. The ship was originally carrying a total of 462 passengers and it is believed that those unaccounted for are most likely trapped in the ship or stranded in the ocean.  If those missing are not rescued, this could end up as the biggest ferry disaster in more than twenty years. Several passengers, most of whom were high school students taking an overnight trip to a nearby tourist island, jumped ship as it was sinking and swam to a rescue boat that was close by. The ship left the South Korean city of Incheon on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning at about 9am a distress call was sent from the ship when it began to list heavily to one side. It…
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